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By มิถุนายน 14, 2018อื่นๆ


COOLcut Micro – an easily biodegradable semi-synthetic cooling and lubricating micro-emulsion. Due to its biodegradability it can be used in any outdoor environment without environmental damage. Such machining fluid allows achievement of unique lubricating and cooling properties during the machining process.

  • highly refined synthetic ester oil
  • effective corrosion inhibitors provide permanent protection of the workpiece and the machine from corrosion
  • above average stability and excellent wettability ensure excellent cooling and lubricating effect even in very hard water
  • minimum tendency to foaming ensures effective lubrication
  • high efficiency and profitability of use
  • long-term biostability

In addition to use in saw bands the product is designed for machining operations carried out both on conventional machines and NC and CNC machining centres. Recommended concentration 4–7 %. 5 litres pack. Dilution 1:20.


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