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Feed into the cut and back – hand-operated
Arm height adjustment – manual

Control panel – on a mobile bridge
Log handling – manual

In contrast to the standard version the band saw is equipped with a professional Kohler two-cyllinder four-stroke 13.4 kW (18 HP) petrol engine with electric start. Sufficient engine power ensures high performance of the machine even when processing logs of large diameters in all applications without the possibility of using an electric motor.

Smaller, but truly professional saw band in all respects. Execution of main technical parts, such as the running wheels in their mounts, construction of the saw band arm, engine and feeding systems, etc., are completely identical to those in CTR 800 series or in very powerful CTR 950 Hydraulik series.

Simple hand feed into the cut and back. Height is adjusted using a hand crank with adjustable scale. In this version of the machine the control panel is placed on a mobile bridge of the saw band arm. Thanks to that the operator has closer access to the workpiece when cutting.

The massive saw band arm is borne on adjustable hard-chromium rods (for moving up and down) which ensure absolute accuracy of saw band arm movement and virtually unlimited service life, if the machine is lubricated regularly. The arm is fitted with running wheels made of high-quality grey cast iron with accurate balancing against vibrations. The wheel has a groove along its circumference. The groove holds a replaceable rubber-textile belt which creates an optimum contact area between the wheel and the saw band.

The sturdily mounted running wheel is powered through a wedge belt by a professional Kohler petrol engine. Centrifugal clutch enables an easy start of the engine and removal of the engine from the saw band when the cut had finished. The tensioning wheel system moves along a sturdy cast iron wedge guide with adjustable pressure bar, which allows highly accurate adjustment without any free travel even in long-term machine operation.

CTR series present the latest trends in construction of log saw bands with a special emphasis on maximum accuracy and long-term service life of the machine while ensuring minimum costs. The machines are designed in an original modular execution which allows easy replacement or adjustment of all main technical sections and their individual parts. This in the long-term perspective reduces the maintenance costs and service times and therefore production stoppages as well.


Technical specification

Max. log diameter 710 mm
Max. opening betwen blade guides 660 mm
Max. elevation of blade 630 mm
Min. blade height from support beam   30 mm
Max. depth of cut 450 mm
Max. log length (standard model) 2,1 m
Length track section 1 m / 3 m
Min. log length 1 m
Saw blade motor 13,2 kW
Vertical feed motor
Sawblade 4140 x 35÷40 x 0,9÷1,1 mm
Weight (standard model) inclusive accessories 525 kg
Weight (track section) 25 kg / 97 kg

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