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Circular Blade Swivel Saw. Designed for sawing logs of diameters (up to 1,4 m). It’s mobile design enables the setting-up right in the heart of the forest where big logs can be converted into lumber on the spot.

Swivel has a single circular blade which saws horizontally on the forward run, is then swung through 90° and saws vertically on the return. As both runs are productive, no time is wasted on carriage return or turning the log to produce square edged timber (max. 210 x 210 mm). The 570 mm diameter tungsten carbide tipped blade produces a smooth finish and the teeth remain sharp for very long periods. To provide quality and reliability, the sawmill is equipped with the 15.5 kW HONDA petrol engine. Easy to install and operate. Supplied with the swivel saw is a blade sharpener. The blade can be easily sharpened without being removed from the machine.


Technical specification

Max. log diameter 1400 mm
Max. opening betwen blade guides 210 (420) mm
Log length standard model 6,1 m
Min. log length 1 m
Saw disk motor 15,5 kW
Saw disk 570 x 5,2/3,8 x 408
Weight standard model 500 kg

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