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Modern concept of sectional cutting of various types of insulation materials or materials of similar nature. Construction of the machine is based on successful concept woodworking band saws that have been manufactured for a long time. Sturdy construction of the saw band arm with professional support of all rotary parts and vertical feed of the arm on hard plated rods ensure maximum cutting accuracy and long service life of the machine.

Running wheels are equipped with a replaceable flat canvas rubber belt which forms the contact surface between the running wheel and the saw band and ensures its quiet and smooth operation. The saw band before and behind the cut is guided by hardened and ground guide pulleys. For accurate and quick setting of the required cutting width the machine is equipped with a digital measuring system. Set the required value on the display (or select from memory) and the saw band arm will automatically move to the specified position. Possibility of saving up to 60 parameters.

Standard maximum cutting width is 1300 mm. You can customize it according to customer’s requirements. Likewise you can adjust the uplift height. The cut material moves on conveyors. We will design the solution according to the type of material to be cut and technical specifications.


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