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Compact and easily portable band saw for fast and convenient cutting of rails. Useful especially during repairs and maintenance on rails.

The band saw consists of two independent pars in order to ensure easiest possible transport:

  • The clamping part with the system feeding the arm into the cut. Allows very simple, fast and reliable clamping to the rail. Feed into cut is carried out by simple turning of the handwheel. Complete massive construction of the system with guidance on strong chromium hard plated rods ensure maximum cutting accuracy and long-term service life.
  • Saw band arm Basic part of the arm is a massive aluminium casting. Professional, noiseless and maintenance-free band drive is provided by an industrial electric motor with worm gearbox. The accuracy of the saw band in the cut is provided by a precise three-side hardmetal guidance of the band. Industrial, massive bearing of running wheels, tensioning wheel system and all rotary parts.

Very simple and quick installation of the saw band and locking onto a locking system. The cooling and lubricating system of the saw band is connected to the machine. The coolant is driven from the pressure container directly to the cut. When using biologically degradable coolants the use of the cooling system is completely environment-friendly. To ensure easy transport the saw band arm is fitted with large handles which also serve as a protection during handling and putting aside. Single-phase, single-speed 230V motor.




Technical specification

Main motor 230 V, 50 Hz, 0,75 kW
Saw blade speed 40 m/min.
Rail type R65, S49, S54, UIC 54, UIC 60
Rail dimensions (max.) 190/90 x 200 mm
Coolant tank cca 5 l
Machine dimensions 1011 x 481 x 531 mm
Machine weight arm 50 kg / base 18 kg

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